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ISHKAR x Millie Marks

               Zohak Necklace - Spinel

               Situn Earrings - Lapis Lazuli

               Foladi Earrings - Spinel

              Amir Necklace - Lapis Lazuli

                   Photograph taken during ISHKAR’s 2019 trip to Afghanistan

The Bamiyan Collection

Millie designed a collection for ISHKAR which speaks of Afghanistan's rich history, tragic recent past, and optimistic future. For the collection, Millie took the Buddhas of Bamiyan as her central motif. By filling the blast marks from the destruction of the buddhas with Afghanistan's precious stones - spinel, and lapis lazuli - her collection symbolizes Afghanistan's defiant beauty and resilience.

All the pieces in the Bamiyan collection were handcrafted by jewellers in the old city of Kabul. One of these is Monawar Shah. Having trained first in Kabul, and then in India, Monawar has recently set up his own workshop on the site of an old silver bazaar in Kabul’s historic district of Murad Khan.

The Bamiyan Collection is available to purchase at ISHKAR.

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